Amazing Adventures Around the World

15 Mar 2011

Download Game FREE In this “amazing” sequel, the museum has sent you out to recover pieces of an ancient stone tablet. Once assembled, it’ll tell the location of the famous World Diamond, the discovery of a lifetime!
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Game Summary:

Amazing Adventures: Around the World is a hidden objects game. In each stage, you’ll travel to a different exotic location and have to find 10 objects. In between stages you’ll have to solve a variety of puzzles, which range from “spot the difference” to swapping tiles in order to create an image.

How to Play:

When searching for objects, all you need is your eyes. Once you’ve found something, simply click on it to retrieve it. If you get stuck, using a hint will reveal the location of an object, but you can only use one every so often. When playing one of the various bonus puzzles, simply follow the instructions on screen.

Tips & Hints:

When you click multiple objects in quick succession, you’ll score bonus points. Because of this, it’s a good idea to spot a handful of items before clicking them. Once you’ve discovered their locations, click them all in rapid succession and watch your score shoot through the roof!

Along with the 10 objects hidden in each level, be sure to keep an eye out for the hidden gems. Each level has some, and if you’re able to find every gem in the game, you’ll unlock bonus modes that will let you play without a timer!

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